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An interesting fact, are you aware of it?

Music surrounds us most of the time. "How lucky you are!" That is one of the many things Mozart would say to all of us if he could come to our era for one day.

In Mozart's days, the only possibility that people could hear fully produced musical pieces was in the musical theater, where, for example, the symphony orchestra played some musical pieces by a certain composer.

Today we have many different sources from where we can reproduce the music that we want to listen to, in the vast majority of the time, it is up to us to decide if we want the music to be present in our lives or not. Being at home, in Mozart's times, playing a certain instrument with the sheet of music in front or singing some a cappella melodies was the way to invoke the power of music, at present, we only need a device that in many cases could be smaller than your hand size for magic to happen.

Thinking about this makes me feel so grateful that I included the following prayer of thanks when I write my list of thanks every morning:

"Thank God for allowing me to be close to music at will."

This line of gratitude goes along with others (ten of them at least) every morning, before entering my daily routine. I encourage you to try this simple but effective routine in order to raise your inner energy and your good vibes.

If you can make this simple activity a habit, I guarantee you a better attitude and mood in these unprecedented times for humanity.

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