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The importance of beauty in our lives

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Many people may think that the concept of beauty is something superficial, worthy only of the banal and for those who do not understand spirituality.

In my humble opinion, I must say there is no more mistaken belief, starting from the understanding that comes from spirituality and from the metaphysics that everything is energy and energy feeds on vibratory frequencies, we cannot pretend to separate the concept of beauty from the everyday and also from what we consider relevant in our lives.

Beauty is the initial pattern to develop ourselves as prosperous and abundant beings. Beauty constitutes a vital concept through which all our appreciations and interpretations navigate giving meanings to things, people and circumstances around us in this tridimensional plane.

There will never be substantial progress and development in our lives if we do not apply this fundamental ingredient which only requires a little bit of common sense, acquiring diverse levels as we grow as human beings.

Knowing how to play with the obvious factors is key here, as well as learning how to focus on our virtues and discard the urge to point out what we are not good at.

I tell you, surround yourself with beauty, try to have only what you really like instead of what you are conforming with. It is preferable to have only 2 shirts in your wardrobe so every time you put them on you say to yourself "wow I look good!" than having 10 shirts and going around with any of them on thinking "ehh I look ok...". If you are a guitarist, get only the guitars that take your breath away. Keep your home clean, tidy, with as many things as you really like to see around you, simplicity is preferable to visual congestion to connect with the vibe of prosperity.

If you think you are not graced by your physical appearance then focus on how good you smell, the good impression your posture makes you feel and therefore to other people, the beauty of how you communicate so elegantly, how healthy you eat and most importantly, the information with which you feed your brain.

The search for beauty at the beginning is something that can seem strange and even uncomfortable, but if we get into the habit of always betting on it, your world will take a turn, I guarantee it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

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